What’s this? ‘What A Life’, the excellent new single from Danish band Scarlet Pleasure. They say it marks the beginning of a new era for them. And we’re loving what we’re hearing already.
What’s it like? Absurdly catchy. That melody!!!
I’ll say! It sounds very familiar. Ah yes, ‘What A Life’ is inspired by the Italian folk song, ‘Bella Ciao’, that was an anti-fascist resistance song during World War II and lyrically, the Scarlet Pleasure song portrays a young man, woman or even a generation on a constant high looking for “the beautiful life”.
Written by? The band themselves. That’s the Copenhagen three-piece, consisting of childhood friends Emil, Joachim and Alexander.
More from Scarlet Pleasure? Quite a lot actually! This is the first song of theirs that we’ve featured on here, but if you fancy perusing their back catalogue of two albums and a plethora of singles, here ya go!

You can find ‘What A Life’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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