(photo: Hampus Hjellström)

What’s this? The lastest single from Swedish singer and songwriter SHY Martin. ‘Make Us Never Happen’.
Oooof, that sounds like heartache. It’s a tale of woe, indeed. But elevated by a dreamy soundscape production and SHY Martin’s wonderful knack for creating a brilliant melody. And the final result is an absolute beauty of a song.
Written by? Written by Elias Näslin, Hayley Aitken, Litens and SHY Martin. Produced by Freddy Alexander and LIAS.
More from SHY Martin? She’s recently featured on two fantastic collabs. ‘On A Prayer‘ with Boy In Space, and ‘Keep You Mine‘ with NOTD.

You can find ‘Make Us Never Happen’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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