After the release of ‘Atmosphere‘, Swedish dancer-turned-popstar Sigrid Bernson is back with a brand new one. It’s new single ‘This Summer’. And it’s already gone on to become her most streamed single to date (aside from her awesome collab with John De Sohn, ‘Happy Hours‘), approaching three millions streams and cementing itself as one of Sweden’s big summer hits this year. As you would hope and expect from a song titled ‘This Summer’, it’s a beach-ready party track – veering between chilled house and uplifting dancepop along the way. The song was written by Sigrid herself, along with Palle Hammarlund, Jimmy Jansso, and Josefin Glenmark. And below, you can watch Sigrid give the first live TV performance of the song.

You can find ‘This Summer’ on our Best New Dance playlist.


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