What’s this? After delivering what was quite probably the biggest radio and streaming hit of their career so far, with ‘Hotel Walls’, Swedish duo Smith & Thell are finally back with the follow-up. New single ‘Goliath’.
What’s it like? Their signature sound and style understandably stays – what with it proving more popular than ever. But this one increases the tempo a lot, resulting in a triumphant, trumpeting banger. Probably more similar to their own ‘Forgive Me Friend’ rather than this song’s immediate predecessor. This one is also deliriously feelgood – so get ready for that rush of endorphins!
Written by? Smith & Thell, plus Peter Kvint.
More from Smith & Thell? Well last week they were crowned as songwriters of the year at the Swedish Grammy Awards. So hopefully a hell of a lot more in the wake of that, whether it be their own tunes or the songs they write for other artists.

You can find ‘Goliath’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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