What’s this? It’s a new song by Swedish duo Smith & Thell!
Joshua’s Song? It’s a song they wrote and recorded after being inspired by the story of Joshua – who moved to Sweden in 2013 to escape the homophobia of his native Uganda. The duo and Joshua met as part of 7 Eleven’s Pride initiative Songs With Pride, which launches this week – Pride week in Stockholm.
What’s it like? An uplifting guitar pop song about loving whomever you want to. “One day this will be history, like a scary tale in some book that we read. And all because there’s heroes just like him, none of our love will be called a sin. At least that’s what I hope for”. We’ve got both the happys and the sads going on here.
Written by? Maria Smith and Victor Thell.
More from Smith & Thell? They have a new single coming out in the next couple of weeks.


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