Does Molly Hammar know that there’s already a fabulous artist out there with a similar name?! It’s the same one. She’s dropped the ‘Pettersson’ ahead of her new single this Friday and her new EP next month. And, incidentally, for this new single which she features on, which came out on Friday.
What is it? A chilled dance track called ‘Holding On’, by UK production and DJ duo Sondr.
Definitely seen that name on here before. It would appear they love Scandipopstars almost as much as us. Last year they recruited Peg Parnevik for what turned out to be one of our favourite dance tunes of last summer – ‘Live, Love, Learn‘.
And have they delivered another summer-fave? It’s too early to tell, but things are looking (and sounding) very good.
Written by? Yk koi, Tim Deal, Lorenzo Cosi, and Molly Hammar.

You can find ‘Holding On’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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