Back?! After seven months of nights holed up in the studio, the self-proclaimed “black shadow of electronic music” – the Stockholm Noir collective – are back with a brand new single. They’re ‘Alive’!
What do Stockholm Noir say? “Alive is about loving someone deeply but knowing you will lose that love for some reason. There is nothing you can do about it but surrender.”
What does Scandipop say? A gorgeous, haunting track that’s almost ecclesiastical in its relentless, reverential banging!
More from Stockholm Noir? They’ve also gone and released a good ol’ fashioned b-side with the single. Old fashioned in the sense of it being a b-side, that is. There’s nothing old fashioned about the song itself – a pulsating slice of electronica, ‘Pazuzu‘.

You can find ‘Alive’ on our Best New Dance playlist.



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