What’s this? The brand-new single and video from Swedish duo Strandels. ‘Not My Party’.
What’s it like? A down-beat number that’s as melodic as it is melancholic, with both serving to make quite the impact on you on first listen.
What do Strandels say? “In short, ’Not My Party’ is about a love affair. That you’re falling for someone but you’re trying to get rid of those emotions since that person wants to be with someone else. It’s like a forbidden area to even think about. So the story in the song is about crossing that line because both people are drawn to each other, even though you shouldn’t do anything about it.”
Written by? Strandels themselves (Tova and Sixten) along with Johan Lindbrandt and Scott Effman.
More from Strandels? An album is on its way soon, but right now you can check out previous single ‘Slip‘.

You can find ‘Not My Party’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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