Oh it’s Sval again! After two singles under her belt in 2014 – ‘Tidsfrist’ and ‘Fasitsvar’ – Norway’s Sval finishes off the year with her third. New single ‘Plan B’.
What’s it like? A catchy r&b flavoured pop ballad. Sounding not unlike what Norwegian producers Stargate were producing for UK popstars back in the early noughties.
That chorus is quite something isn’t it? It really is. Melody and production both pretty astounding. It begs repeated listens. And this is probably her best track yet.
It’s in Norwegian. I can’t understand it. What’s it about? In her own words; “The lyrics create an honest picture of what it is like to be in an argument with someone, but also how it is to feel not quite good enough . Although much of the text is a bit sad, carrying the song is a positive message about not giving up and trying again if you fail the first time”.
Written by? By 16 year old Sval herself, along with Halvor Folstad and Dag Holtan-Hartwig.


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