What’s this? Norwegian TV host Triana Iglesias (currently hosting Norway’s biggest reality show, Paradise Hotel) has teamed up with producer LOKE to record and release her first single. ‘Bailando’.
Bailando. That’s a song title that takes us back to the 90s. Well actually, it’s a cover of that very smash by Paradisio. Triana is half Norwegian and half Spanish, so getting her tongue around those lyrics was no problem to her.
What’s the cover like? Not a straight-up re-hash, which is is good. Instead, it’s been turned into a dance track that fits into right now. Norwegian producer LOKE injects a nice amount of chill vibes into it, which is no surprise really.
And why’s that? If you’re not familiar with how masterful LOKE is with bringing a song back to life, then we have four words for you. ‘Det Vakreste Som Fins‘.

You can find ‘Bailando’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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