What’s this? The new single from Swedish outfit Violet Days. It’s ‘So Dope’ – but so dope doesn’t even begin to cover it. Fucking immense is a good start though.
So what’s it like? A down-tempo electro ballad with a melody that doesn’t just tug on the heart strings – it pulls them out, rips them apart, and uses them to tear your ears open while you listen to this on a continuous loop in floods of tears. Not that you’ll complain about it either. Lyrically it’s also devastating too. So apologies if you’ve just listened to this and RUINED that Friday feeling you’d been having all afternoon. It was worth it though, wasn’t it?
And just who ARE Violet Days? Lina Hansson (that’s her on vox), Fredrik Häggstam, Kristoffer Eriksson and Fredric Johansson.
More from them? Check out their debut from last year, ‘Razorlight’.


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