What’s this? The latest single from Swedish producer Wahlstedt. Featuring Zay, it’s called ‘Your Place Or Mine’.
That man has a one-track mind. Well if the sentiment ain’t broke – which it most certainly wasn’t with ‘Sex With You’ – then why fix it?
What’s this new one like? It’s actually not that steamy. It’s bouncy and it’s fun. It’s supremely catchy. And it’s a one-listen-and-you’re-hooked kind of affair. If you enjoyed NEIKED’s ‘Sexual’, you might well find a lot to love here too.
‘Sexual’? Don’t encourage him, please. Well, he doesn’t seem to need much encouragement. And in any case – he’s delivering the bops, so long may he continue doing exactly what he’s doing.

You can find ‘Your Place Or Mine’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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