What’s this? Swedish superstar Zara Larsson is back with a brand-new single and video – this is ‘Love Me Land’.
What’s it like? A string-laden, bass-driven, sensual number that hints at the arrival of an exciting new era for the artist. It’s her first new solo music in just under a year. And it sounds like she’s been cooking up something very special for us all this time. We’re very intrigued to hear what will come next.
What does Zara say? “I wrote ‘Love Me Land’ with my friends Justin and Julia after a long period of writing for my sophomore album,” says Zara. “It felt like a kind of eureka moment in understanding the journey I’ve gone on in discovering what it is to be a woman and an artist. The song is about accidentally falling in love but owning it, and I think that combines two things I love and do well – female empowerment and pop bangers! At the moment, we’re all experiencing this scary unknown world and having to endure some hard realities; I hope this can provide a little escapism for everyone, because sometimes dancing can solve everything, even just for a moment.”
Written by? Jason Gill, Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels.
More from Zara? She recently featured on the Kygo hit – ‘Like It Is‘.

You can find ‘Love Me Land’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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