This is gonna be good, isn’t it? So good. So good like ‘So Good’ the album, not ‘So Good’ the single.
What’s he done now? Swedish producer Michael Casado has taken Zara Larsson’s ‘Ain’t My Fault’ and set it on a collision course with ‘Night’ by Axel Drive.
And what’s the result? Zara Larsson goes eighties synthwave neon rave-up, with all screeching guitars and epic drums. And she sounds awesome at it.
And the video? Zara’s ‘Ain’t My Fault’ video reduced to an eighties-era technological anti-gloss, interspersed with Tron-esque fast cars and big city skylines. Fabulous. In every way.

Ain't my night (Michael Casado Mashup)

Mashup time! Zara Larsson Vs Axel Drive. This is a futuristic, synthwave, neone, 80s, tron power drive!

Publicerat av Michael Casado Lördag 9 mars 2019

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