That’s quite the mouthful. Well this is quite the mash-up.
What’s he done? Swedish producer Michael Casado has looked no further than his native Sverige for his latest mash-up. Taking two Swedish hits and splicing them together. ‘Går På Moln’ by Näääk & Nimo feat. Kaliffa, and of course – Scandipop fave ‘Lush Life’ by Scandipop fave Zara Larsson.
What does it sound like? Bascially, it sounds like summer. Zara’s summer anthem placed over a reggae-pop production. The mash-up takes Sweden’s biggest pop export of the 10s all the way back to Sweden’s biggest pop export of the 90s. That’s right readers – the missing link between Zara Larsson and Ace of Base has been discovered. And it sounds awesome;

Lush Life On Clouds (Michael Casado Mashup)

Summer is here! Mashup for June brings the true summer vibe with Zara Larsson Vs Na?a?a?k & Nimo feat. Kaliffa. Enjoy!

Publicerat av Michael Casado Torsdag 14 juni 2018

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