This afternoon we realised that we needed to listen to a good dance tune. So we had a scoot around to see what we could find. Then we remembered that we’d stumbled across of a corker of a remix a few weeks back that we’d never gotten around to writing about. The shame!

We HAD written about the original though – it’s ‘Ode To The Bouncer’ by Studio Killers. And actually a lot of other music websites have been writing about them recently too – most notably, Popjustice, ArjanWrites, and WeArePopSlags. The online ‘buzz’ about the song definitely seems to be building and building. And that’s a good thing, as the tune is undoubtedly brilliant and deserves to be huge all over the world in 2011. For now though, it’s Denmark which has been the first country to take the track under its wing, where it’s become something of a hit – fitting, as one of the persons behind Studio Killers actually is Danish (joining a Finn and a Brit in the line-up).

Back to the remix though. It’s by Manhattan Clique. And whereas before, ‘Ode To The Bouncer’ was a club friendly pop track, Manhattan Clique’s take on things has turned it into a pop friendly club track. So it’s gone from a pleasurably plodding number, to a paralysis inducing pounder!

We love;

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