Bravo to one of our favourite songs of 2012 so far, now coming with a great remix.

‘Tis ‘Eros & Apollo’ by Studio Killers, and here’s what we scribed about it first time around. It’s an enduring piece of pop art that we’re still bestowing frighteningly frequent spins upon.

Manhattan Clique have been brought on board with this one, after the stellar job they made of remixing last year’s Studio Killers single ‘Ode To The Bouncer’. The Manhattan Clique remix of ‘Eros & Apollo’ sounds like even more of a natural and fluid continuation of the Manhattan Clique remix of ‘Ode To The Bouncer’, than than the two Studio Killers originals. Obviously the originals are better – they can’t possibly be improved – but the two songs sound even more closely tight knit when they’re in their Manhattan Clique guises. Does that make sense? Yes, we’re pretty sure it does, so we’re sticking to it. In short though: yeah, we love it.

Even the whistling which has been brought up into the mix is magnificent!

And that “sooooon, he’ll eat your hearts like cereals” line still gets us.

Eros & Apollo - Single - Studio Killers



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