We’ve been waiting a VERY long time for this. And now today, FINALLY, the people behind one of last year’s finest songs have just released their second single – ‘Eros & Apollo’.

Said people are the Danish/Finnish/British combo Studio Killers. And cast your minds back to just over a year ago, April 2011, when they released debut single ‘Ode To The Bouncer’. We loved it, and our original post about it has become one of the most popular articles we’ve ever had on the site, with people still commenting on it nine months later this January.

A follow up has been long overdue though. So we’re very thankful it’s finally arrived. And we’re even more thankful that it’s turned out to be just as amazing as ‘Ode To The Bouncer’. Yes, yes really.

‘Eros & Apollo’ is an enormously uplifting, soft dance track. Very generous on the piano, and with an almost 90’s-esque flavour to it. Lyrically it’s not as ‘out-there’ as ‘Ode To The Bouncer’. As the title (which references the Roman God of love and the Greek God of the sun) suggests, ‘Eros & Apollo’ is all about warning ladies about the perils of falling for the male version of the Femme Fatale (the Homme Homocide perhaps? We’ve always wondered). “soon he’ll eat your heart like cereals” is a notable highlight.

It’s brilliant. Thank you SO much for this, Studio Killers. Please don’t ever stop doing what you do. Although let’s not make us wait another year for single number 3, yeah?

Here’s the (sort-of) video. The highlights are the camp-as-tits moments when the group’s heroine Cherry (pictured above) gets her moments.

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