Christ almighty, what a TUNE!

Studio Killers are a brand new music collective from Denmark, Finland, and the UK. They’re made up of music producers and an animation and design team, although they’re keeping their exact identities a secret for now. In the meantime, they’ll be parading around to the viewer and listener as cartoon characters, and then they’ll eventually come out as a creative collective once people have started to correctly guess who they are. Hmmmm.

We’re already interested though, thanks to their debut single which was released in Sweden this week. It’s called ‘Ode To The Bouncer’, and as the title suggests, it’s all about a person’s struggle to get into a club, at the hands of an over-zealous door man. For us though, it’s ALL about the amazing chorus. Both musically and melodically, it’s a stunner. It’s delivered with a falsetto at first, which then descends and descends, all coming across as a fab pop melody. And this is backed by a production which sounds like a cross between PWL or Pete Hammond back in the 80’s, and modern day Scandinavian electro acts like Eva & The Heartmaker or Electric Lady Lab. It’s difficult to categorise exactly how it sounds though, but let’s called it funky pop with an electro heart and its mind set back to three decades ago.

And the video itself is a treat and a half;

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