You may or may not already know this, but the Studio Killers have released the best album of the year so far, with their self titled debut. And now comes another single from there – in Finland at least. On an album ripe for the pillaging of singles from it, Warner Finland have gone with one of the best ones (our second fave, after ‘Funky At Heart’) – ‘Who Is In Your Heart Now’.

The dreamy electropop ballad is as eargasmic as all that has come before from the Studio Killers. That they do their ballads just as amazing as they do their bangers, isn’t so much a revelation, but more a confirmation that they really are one of the best things about pop music in recent years. We love them soooo much! And ‘Who Is In Your Heart Now’ just so happens to be the perfect soundtrack to a confused, unexpected love.

‘Who Is In Your Heart Now’ is out now and is available on iTunes outside of Finland too.



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