Here – have yourself a nice dose of Swedish indie electro TWEE. This is the very pleasant and enjoyable ‘Sleep’ by Summer Heart. A song that sounds like both its title AND its artist.

It’s like, proper delightful this one. TWEE might not be everyone’s bag, but whatever you’re into you won’t be able to stop yourself from liking ‘Sleep’ at least a little bit. Oddly, its verses are its best bit. Possibly because the verses are when the melody is at its most poptastic. But also possibly because it’s when the hypnotic beat and production get a better chance to really grab you.

If you’re wanting to be getting all geared up for a weekend of REVELRY, then this might not be for you today. But if you’re looking forward to a weekend of blissed out chill-dom, then do start it off by playing this.

Summer Heart is known to his family and friends as David Alexander, in case you were wondering.

This isn’t out until early November apparently, but ‘ere – you can listen to it in full via Soundcloud;

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