The winner of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix Junior in 2011 has come of age (although not by much) and finally released her proper debut single.

It’s Sval and ‘Tidsfrist’.

It’s a modern, r&b pop ballad. You know the type. We’re not massively enamoured with this one – at times it falls into a territory that’s all too generic. Lazy even. It trudges along pleasantly enough, with a chorus that isn’t exactly forgettable. But it doesn’t really stand out either.

However, we’re marking her as one to watch, as she’s signed to Warner Norway and they obviously have big plans for her. So we’re intrigued to see what she’ll be coming out with in the future. Everyone knows that teenage popstars usually get given amazing pop. Hopefully Sval will be no different. And ‘Tidsfrist’ will do – we suppose – as a start.

Here’s the lyric video to the single;


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