And so this is Christmas!

Right everyone, we’re off home to Ireland this evening for the holiday season (London Heathrow airport’s resilience to snowfall permitting!). Which means that we won’t be updating this website until…

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Oh Holy Night!

  What's the only idea in the world more suited to Aqua than a Christmas single? Why, a Christmas themed video for said single of course! Aqua have filmed a video…

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Christmas Heroes

  Aqua have delighted us with a Christmas song! Heaven knows why they never released a Christmas single back in their Aquarium days, it would have been perfect for them.…

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Back To The UK!

  Aqua are in the UK at the moment! Tomorrow we’ll write about their performance at G-A-Y last Saturday (with pictures!), but for now, here’s their performance on the Lorraine…

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Back to the 90’s!

  Mattel, the makers of Barbie, have done a massive u-turn on their opinions of Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’! Twelve years ago, they unsuccessfully tried to sue the band and their…

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