Music by Medina

Denmark’s numero uno exporto has been in Sweden over the last few days. Doing a bit of gigging here and there, and recording an English language track. There’s no word…

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Medina Magic.

Danish super talent, Medina, has had another fantastic year in 2010. After 2009 saw her album EXPLODE in Denmark, its English language translation has been a huge success in Germany…

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You & I visit Germany

The wonderful Medina. Stupendously massive in her native Denmark, but an attempt at UK success unfortunately failed late last year when an English language version of her super hit 'Kun…

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Kun for ME!

Remember last year's MONSTER Danish hit 'Kun For Mig' by Medina (later translated into 'You & I' for the UK market)? Well, despite it being throughly amazing, and a massive…

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New Medina Music!

Remember Medina of last year's 'Kun For Mig'/'You & I' fame? We're still not tired of that song, as it happens. Anyway...she features on a brand new track that's slowly…

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