Last month we wrote an article voicing our concern over the new Amy Diamond song ‘Connected’. The concern was that it was rubbish, and worse than anything she had released before on either of her three very high quality albums. Who could stay disappointed with Amy Diamond for long though? Thankfully, she’s made sure that we extinguish that disappointment and temporarily redeemed herself with… is en vogue this year…..a Christmas album!!! So admirably battling it out with Schlager Divas Sanna, Shirley, Sonja, and Charlotte in the music stores of Scandinavia this Jul, will be Melodifestivalen debutante herself – Amy Diamond! Brilliant, just brilliant. We love this new channel of competition that the royalty of Schlager have embraced. It gives them, and us, something to do outside of the Melodifestivalen season. Next year we’d like Christmas records from Velvet, Pandora, and Hanson, Carson & Malmqvist please!


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