Today’s preview of the new Agnes album comes via the album’s opening track, ‘Amazing’.

Written by: Agnes Carlsson, Ana Diaz, Jonas Quant
Produced by: Jonas Quant

[audio:|titles=01 Amazing]

Definitely the album’s most interesting moment, and a brave sonic statement to open with. But she does it with all of the confidence in her new sound that’s required. ‘Amazing’ finds Agnes audibly reveling in her new brand of dancepop. Joyous handclaps, choirs of worship, and actual screams of “it’s amaaaaaZING“. This is what Agnes sounds like in 2012 and she’s selling the bejesus out of it! On first listen we almost didn’t want to buy it. But after two or three rounds of getting more familiar with it, it is indeed amazing. She’s right.

Earlier album previews can be listened to here.

‘Veritas’ is released on September 5th in Sweden. And anyone outside of Sweden can pre-order the CD from our online store here.


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