‘Tickles’, the new single from Elin Lanto, has been given the remix treatment by one of our favourite remixers of all time – Almighty. We loved the song in its original form anyway, but as you’d expect, Almighty have taken it and crafted it into a club anthem tailored specifically for a Saturday night dancefloor. One might argue that that’s what all remixes are supposed to do, but let’s face it, a lot of remixes of pop songs try to wander into ‘cool’ territory’ a bit too far, and end up extinguishing any pop joy that existed in the track. The Almighty remix of ‘Tickles’ does the opposite. It takes the infectious melody and the riff, and accentuates them to the point of camp euphoria. And just to make it clear from the very start what kind of song this is, they’ve named it the ”Almighty hands in the air mix”! Brilliant!

The package of ‘Tickles’ along with this new Almighty mix is probably Elin’s best chance so far, of having some UK success. Right now in the UK, Elin’s ‘Love Made Me Stupid’ is being released (hooray!) on AATW (no sighing at the back please!), and hopefully it’ll have some sort of success. But regardless of how it goes, we really do think that a UK label should pick up ‘Tickles’. It’s just got that special something.

Meanwhile back in Sweden, the video should be premiering some time soon. She shot it on Monday, and here is a behind the scenes look at the shoot;

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