Over the last twelve months, one of our favourite new artists has been quietly delivering one dancefloor delight after another, and cementing herself a reputation for being a singer to get excited about. Poland has been the first, lucky recipient of her music, but now she’s finally starting to release her music in Sweden, where she’s from, with plans to release all over the world soon after.

We wrote about debut Swedish single, ‘Chain Reaction’ last week, and it’s now available for you to listen to over at her myspace. Whilst you’re there, have a listen to her three previous singles, if you haven’t had a chance to yet; ‘Back On Track’, ‘You & I’, and ‘Push It Up’. Over the weekend, she performed at Paradise Club in Stockholm, sharing the bill with Gathania, Lucky Twice, Nexx, and Neo. We were there of course, and we went backstage to meet her and to have a quick chat to her about what she’s achieved so far, about coming home to Sweden, and about her hopes and plans for the future.

scandipop: Daniela, hi, how are you?!

Daniela: I’m very good thank you.

scandipop: You’ve just played a great gig at Paradise club in Stockholm, which I guess must have been one of your first gigs in Sweden as you’re only just being launched here now?

Daniela: Yes, it’s my second show here. I’ve also played at Cafe Opera before now. But it’s the first time I’ve performed ‘Chain Reaction’.

scandipop: Oh, and how do you think it went?!

Daniela: It was good! I couldn’t hear myself during the first song, ‘Push It Up’, but then it was fine.

scandipop: Oh well, we could hear you fine and thought it went well!

Daniela: It did?

scandipop: Yes, it was good.

Daniela: (laughs) oh great, thank God!

scandipop: So you’ve been buzzing around the world, around Europe and North America, and now you’re finally releasing music in your native Sweden. How does it feel finally?

Daniela: It feels good, it’s fun! It’s my home country and I’ve been waiting to hear my music on the radio here. So I really hope that this song will do well here.

scandipop: And of course we’ve already heard before now, that you’ve got great original songs in your repertoire……

Daniela: Do you like them?

scandipop: Yeah, love them!

Daniela: Great, and which is your favourite?

scandipop: Probably ‘Back On Track’.

Daniela: Ah ok.

scandipop: Yeah. So why did you choose to release a cover version as your first single in Sweden?

Daniela: Erm….because it’s a bit cheesy, it’s quite Eurovision, and it works really well.

scandipop: And of course Swedes love their Eurovision don’t they?!

Daniela: They do, they really do!

scandipop: And of all the classic songs that you love, what made you choose to cover ‘Chain Reaction’?

Daniela: I just think it’s such a good song. And I love Diana Ross.

scandipop: Plus your version gives the song a complete overhaul doesn’t it? It makes it sound so new, so next generation.

Daniela: You think so? Yeah, I really like it.

scandipop: And of course, you’ve mentioned Eurovision – right now Sweden is in the grips of the annual Melodifestivalen fever. Would you ever compete in it?

Daniela: Yes, I would. (laughs), maybe next year?!

scandipop: Oh that’s good, so you aren’t against it then. I’ve been surprised since I moved to Sweden, so many people here really claim to hate Melodifestivalen!

Daniela: Well it’s a big thing, everyone watches it anyway.

scandipop: Which song do you think will be your next single in Sweden?

Daniela: For Sweden, I’m not sure. I don’t know yet.

scandipop: Do you have a favourite of the three singles you’ve released elsewhere in the world before ‘Chain Reaction’?

Daniela: ‘Back On Track’. And ‘Push It Up’ too, I co-wrote that one. But I think that ‘Back On Track’ is my favourite.

scandipop: Ok. And finally, is there any chance of you releasing your music in the UK anytime soon?

Daniela: I hope so, yes. We’re looking for a new deal right now, and has got some interest.

scandipop: Ok, well hopefully 2010 will see even more Daniela music being released in even more places.

Daniela: Yes! Hopefully! I will do more great music this year.


And we’ve heard some of what she’s got coming up in 2010 – it’s even better than anything she’s released so far!

After the show, we also had chats with Gathania, Nexx, and Lucky Twice, and we’ll be featuring those interviews in the near future.

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