The reinvention of the Eric Saade ballad. It’s come a long way since ‘Break Of Dawn’, with some bumps along the road. But here it arrives at ‘Stay’. A dark and minimalist ballad of regret and loneliness. In truth, a preview doesn’t really do this song justice, as the full thing is a masterpiece. Particularly the middle eight and the final chorus. But below is a taster of what to expect. You’ve not heard him do anything like this before.

Semi interesting fact: on ‘Stay’, Eric collaborates with the composer of the song which beat him at Eurovision 2011, ‘Running Scared’.

Written by: Eric Saade, Didrik Thott, Stefan Örn.
Produced by: Stefan Örn

[audio:|titles=Stay preview]

Earlier previews can be listened to here.

The ‘Forgive Me’ album is released next week in Scandinavia. If you live outside of Scandinavia, you can already pre-order it on CD from our store.


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