Robyn is releasing three songs to this week. On April 13th, ‘Fembot’, ‘Dancehall Queen’, and ‘None Of Dem’ (feauturing Royksopp) will be available to buy from the site. They’re all from Robyn’s forthcoming album, ‘Body Talk pt1’. Although none of them are actually the ‘official’ first single! That honour goes to ‘Dancing On My Own’, which comes out in June.

The news comes a week after Robyn announced that she would release two albums this year; ‘Body Talk’ parts 1 and 2. The first part comes out on June 7th.

It’s all a bit haywire, isn’t it? But we love Robyn for sidetracking the traditional release routes, and just giving people her new music as and how she sees fit! And we also admire the fact that just two weeks after announcing that new music is read to come out, it’s actually going to be made available to buy online! Simple, but also quite revolutionary. And brilliant!

Here are the three single sleeves;

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