You have GOT to listen to this new song from Swedish group The Neverdies. Dressed up as punk, but these guys are sooo pop. They’re more like The Faders or Love Bites, had either those two girlbands made a few more singles. And they cite their influences as “everything from Sex Pistols to Avicii“.

The undoubted star of the whole thing is the whistle riff. It’s THE catchiest thing we’ve heard in quite some time (and whistle riffs are obviously very much ‘in’ right now). The Neverdies though, know when they’re onto a good thing. So the whistle riff is used as the song’s intro and also the post-chorus. That’s standard. But where else to use it? “let’s stop each verse halfway through and put the whistle riff in there”. And are you gonna write a bridge? “no, let’s just use the whistle riff again”. Will the song have a big outro? “let’s have the whistle riff as the outro”. So then yes – a big outro.

After a couple of listens though, and once the initial OMG of the whistle riff subsides just a little bit, you also begin to release that the rest of the song is pretty damn ace too. The chorus, the verses, the middle eight – they’d actually still be up to much even without that sublime whistle riff shoehorned in all over the place.

‘Miss U’ was instant love.

Watch the video below. And mercifully, the single has been released outside of Sweden too. iTunes link under the vid.

Miss U - Single - The Neverdies


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