The final of X Factor Norway took place over the weekend. And both of the finalists’ singles are already available to download in Norway today. Thankfully neither Rage Against The Machine nor any misguided protestors with a laughable grasp of ‘anarchy’ are anywhere to be seen though! Both finalists are selling well and occupying the top 2 positions in the iTunes chart, with the winner at number 1 and the runner up at number 2. The winner, Chand Torsvik, is number one with his semi-anthemic rockballad ‘Diamanten’ (in truth, a shadow of the far superior ‘Higher’ – the same genre song released by Swedish Idol winner Erik Gronwall last week). And girlband, Shackles (Norwegian X Factor voters obviously don’t have the same problem with girlbands as British X Factor voters do!) are number two with their r&b tinged ballad, ‘Breaking The Silence’. We prefer the Shackles track. By far. And we’ve got a feeling that their album probably won’t disappoint either. But for now, here are the two debut singles for you to make your mind up over;

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