Eric Saade is all set to release his brand new album – ’Saade Vol.1’. At first glance that might seem an odd title for a sophomore album. But it’s called so because he wrote and recorded so many tracks while making the record, that he decided to split them into two albums – and so ‘Saade Vol.2’ will follow at a later date. Plus this new record is his proper international launch, so the “volume 1” nods towards that fact in a way.

Eric sent us the album this week, so that we could have a listen – and most importantly, so that YOU could have a listen to it too, ahead of its release later this month! He’s allowing to stream clips of each of the tracks from the album so that you can get a taste of what it sounds like. How wonderful of him!
So starting from today, every couple of days we’ll be introducing a new song from the album on here.

Let’s start then, shall we?…..

‘Killed By A Cop’
Music & Lyrics by: Jason Gill/ Robert Fredriksson/ Julimar Santos/ Eric Saade
Produced by: Jason Gill

Like a lot of the songs on ‘Saade Vol.1’, this is a club track with a big pop chorus and an even bigger post-chorus section. Don’t you just love a good post-chorus?! It makes the catchy even catchier. In the case of ‘Killed By A Cop’, the melody was stuck in our head after only one listen. It’s one of our favourites, and a typical example of the progression on this album from his first album. It’s still pop, but just that little bit more mature.

‘Saade Vol.1’ is released on June 29th.

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