Another preview of Eric Saade’s new album now, which is released next Wednesday, November 30th. Today’s clip is ‘Crashed On The Dance Floor’, which Eric himself wrote with his usual studio buddies Jason Gill and J-Son (Julimar Santos). This time though, they roped in Danish songwriters Cutfather (Mich Hansen) and Daniel Davidsen, who were most recently seen together on September’s ‘Party In My Head’, Kylie’s ‘Get Outta My Way’, and on the new JLS album too.

‘Crashed On The Dance Floor’
(Jason Gill/ Julimar Santos/ Mich Hansen/ Daniel Davidsen/ Eric Saade)
Produced by Jason Gill and Cutfather


Here we have Eric channeling his inner ‘Femme Fatale’. And by that we mean that we’re hearing small similarities between this and the most recent output from Ms Spears. The verses remind us of those from ‘Inside Out’, and the middle eight sees Eric embracing DUBSTEP for the first time (hooray!) just as Britney played with in the middle eight of ‘Hold It Against Me’. Apart from that though, the rest of it (including the clip you hear above) is very much Eric Saade’s own style. The sound he developed on ‘Saade Vol.1’, and that same sound that we hear him perfecting throughout ‘Saade Vol.2’. It’s another chorus with a bi-polar melody, turning into something new halfway through.

You can listen to earlier ‘Saade Vol.2’ previews here.

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