Day 5 of our ’Saade Vol.2’ previews, and if you’ve enjoyed the clips we posted from Monday to Thursday, you can now listen to those four tracks in full if you have Spotify Premium (in Sweden). Listen here. Today though, we’re previewing a song which at the moment stands as our joint favourite on the album.

(Jason Gill/ Robin Fredriksson/ Mattias Larsson/ Eric Saade)
Produced by Jason Gill and Sebastian Thott

[audio:|titles=09 FINGERPRINTS CLIP]


Time again for some big P.O.P! Not just because ‘Fingerprints’ is written by the same team behind ‘Made Of Pop’ (and Monday’s preview ‘Love Is Calling‘), but also because this is one of the LARGER pop moments on ‘Saade Vol.2’. And as we said above, this is currently our favourite on the record, alongside the aforementioned ‘Love Is Calling’. It’s another of those tremendously catchy tunes – mostly because of the refrain that you hear in the clip above. We had one of those listen-on-repeat sessions with this song this morning. And the “goooo-oh-oh-on, goooo-oh-oh-on” vocal part is seemingly never gonna goooo-oh-oh, goooo-oh-oh-oh from our head. Oh well.

Next Wednesday, November 30th is the album’s long awaited release date. Swedes can of course find the album in all of their usual haunts. And people from outside of Sweden can now order the album too – from this store.

You can listen to earlier ‘Saade Vol.2’ previews here.

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