You might not recognise the name, but if you’ve been an avid reader of the site over the last few years, then you may just recognise the voice! Thea Leora is the new artist name of a one Thea Oskarsen, who brought out the sublime ‘One Of A Kind‘ a couple of years back.

The name change comes with a change of direction for the 20 year old Norwegian singer too. Still pop music. But dancepop, rather than JoJo-esque r&b pop balladry. Disco-lite and laden with the kind of attitude that is absolutely fine with expressing a lyric like “liar, you’re a liar, if you say that I’m not what you desire, cos I know you want it badly“. It’s a comfortable shift into the dancepop genre for her, and it’s something we want to hear more of from her. Although we would still like to hear a couple more Wroldsen/Eriksen composed r&b ballads on that debut album too please Thea!

‘Badly’ was written by Thea Leora, Claudia Mills and Casper Stang.

The single was released worldwide on Monday, on iTunes (link below) and Spotify. Or you can listen to it in full here;

Badly - Single - Thea Leora


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