Swedish dance diva, Therese, is launching a long awaited comeback attack on the UK charts – and a double pronged one at that. Not only is London club staple of the last 12 months, ‘Bodyswerve’ being released, but she’s finally putting out what is one of our favourite electro dance tracks of the last few years, ‘Neon Lights’!

‘Bodyswerve’ is the sound of house music proudly and resiliently holding its head high in 2009, surviving numerous other flavour-of-the-month genres of dance music that have come about in the last few years. It was crafted by London DJ’s turned producers, Steve Pitron and Max Sanna and although it’s never had a release, it’s still managed to become a well known clubland favourite over the last year – well, if you live in London anyway. Its assault on music buyers will be assisted by 3 Beat – the label that successfully made Agnes known to nearly every pop music lover in the UK in a matter of months!

‘Neon Lighs’ will be released on the Fierce Angel label – a label brought to life by Mark Doyle, the gentleman who invented and masterminded the Hed Kandi empire, and who was responsible for Therese’s breakthrough hit with Stonebridge, ‘Put Em High’ being signed.  ‘Neon Lights’ was produced by Digital Dog about three years ago, but still sounds amazing today. It’s up there with ‘I Need Somebody’, ‘The Arrival’, and ‘Take Me Away’ as one of our favourite Therese tracks.

And equally as exciting, both tracks are going be given the promo video treatment.

Therese has always been one of our favourite Swedish dance divas. Dance music isn’t just her music style, it’s her lifestyle! Be it appearing in the nightout photos section of Boyz magazine sandwiched between two gurning muscle mary’s, or blogging on her myspace page whilst out of her mind drunk! She frequents the club PA circuit – but only the hardcore clubs that stay open til Sunday afternoon and take place in rustic venues under railway arches. Admirably though, despite all of this, she hasn’t lost her Swedish schlager roots! As recently as 2007, she participate in Melodifestivalen with ‘The Arrival’, and she had a long schlagerdance career in the late nineties/early noughties in her old band Dromhus. All this, and she duetted with scandipop favourite Danny, on the amazing ‘If Only U’ a couple of years ago in Sweden. The UK charts need this girl back in them!

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