Our highlights of the evening’s Lotta På Liseberg were of the schlager variety (surprise surprise!).

Jenny Silver commandeering the stage again during a storming rendition of ‘Something In Your Eyes’, and Lotta Engberg having a solo shot at her Melodifestivalen hit from 2002 as part of Kikki, Bettan & Lotta, ‘Vem Är Det Du Vill Ha’. Plus, after Siw Malmkvist’s memorable medley at Allsång På Skansen a few weeks back, Siw’s ‘C’est La Vie’ co-star made an appearance to perform a medley of her own tonight.

Also performing tonight were Brolle and Josefin Glenmark, and you can watch all the performances below (although TV4 are teasing (it can’t possibly have been an oversight), and have thus far neglected to upload THE performance of the night – Jenny Silver’s ‘Something In Your Eyes’. But we’ll pop it up here when they have. It’ll ALL be fine, don’t worry.)

EDIT: the amazing Henrik Friskopp in the amazing scandipop Facebook forum (click here to request to join) has taken this plight into his own hands and ripped the Jenny Silver ‘Something In Your Eyes’ performance for us all to marvel at! Thank you Henrik!

Jenny Silver: ‘Something In Your Eyes’

Jenny Silver: ‘Dagny’

Jenny Silver: ‘Rumba i Engelska Parken’

Lotta Engberg: ‘Vem Är Det Du Vill Ha’

Ann-Louise Hanson: Medley

Ann-Louise Hanson & Josefin Glenmark: ‘Gåvan’

Brolle: ‘Shotgun’

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