Tove Styrke has decided on the next single from her self titled debut album – no small feat, given the amount of single-worthy gems on there to choose from. She’s gone with ‘High & Low’, and she’s also done the gallant thing and given fans a brand new single edit, since most will have already had the song in its original album format for the last few months. The ‘2011 Remake’ as it’s called, is a punchier effort, and gives the song a more indie kind of electro cool. It’s gone from mid tempo electro ballad, to upbeat and quirky electro dream sequence. And you can have a listen to it below!

Four remixes have also been commissioned, to make up the following tracklisting;

1. High And Low (2011 Remake)
2. High And Low (Boeoes Kaelstigen Remix)
3. High And Low (Boeoes Kaelstigen Remix -Radio Edit)
4. High And Low (Juuso Pikanen Remix)
5. High And Low (Tomi Kiiosk Remikksi)
6. High And Low (Umeå Remake)

On top of this, we’ve also come across this amazing performance of her previous single ‘White Light Moment’ that we hadn’t seen before. It was performed on Swedish TV a couple of months back and is a stunning stripped back version of the song – trading in the electro pop beats for live instrumentation, especially a whole lot of gorgeous piano during the chorus. We’ve fallen in love with the song all over again!

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