Look who we’ve got to submit a Spotify playlist to scandipop this week…….Why it’s only new electro siren on the block, Ely! She of ‘Break Me Down’ brilliance has decided that knocking us for 6 with her debut single wasn’t enough, and that she had to go all out and wow us with her fabulous taste in other people’s music too!

Ely has compiled a playlist of some of her favourite tunes of recent months – a digital mixtape of what sort of thing she’s listening to right now. And judging by some of the gems she’s put on there, we’re hoping that this is also the sound of her inspiration for her own future music releases.

It’s all very club friendly, dancefloor friendly, and getting-ready-for-a-night-out friendly – so Friday afternoon seems like the perfect time to drop this onto your laps, causing enough of a sensation to move down to your feet and to get them moving too.

You can marvel at Ely’s taste here, and view our earlier guest playlisters choices here. Full tracklisting in the comments section below.

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