Hooray – here comes another nugget of creativity from one of 2011’s most impressive and incredible new starlets – Vanbot!

We’ve already scribed of her amazingness-ness here, here, and here – but it’s been obscenely quiet from her since the release of her album earlier in the spring. That is until now. She’s got a couple of videos ready for showcasing those tunes of hers, and she dropped the first one earlier this morning. It’s for ‘Make Me Break Me’. And it’s worth the once over from your eyes, not only because it means your ears will once again be able to cop a feel of the song, but also because it contains some pretty great shots of our home – Stockholm. Oh, and some pretty shots of her too of course!

On top of this, she’s also been releasing samples of a remix album that she’s been putting together for us greedy consumers of her music. So if you head on over to her homepage, you can listen to a few already.

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