Vanessa Falk of ‘Private Party’ fame and fabulosity, returned to our favourite hobby of hers today – releasing new music!

She unleashed new single ‘Beg Like A Dog’ an unsuspecting Sweden, and hopefully to what will become a fair bit of recognition over the coming months. ‘Private Party‘ set her up as an alternative dance darling, and ‘Beg Like A Dog’ firmly cements her newborn, but already considerable reputation in the field. It’s a different kind of dance to ‘Private Party’. Whereas that was a detached, yet concentrated kind of cool, ‘Beg Like A Dog’ abandons all subtlety, and just focuses on being an attitude soaked rave anthem, with an electro punk twist.

She does it so well, and we already prefer it to ‘Private Party’, which is no faint praise, we might add! It’s resulted in us getting a lot more impatient about this impending debut album of hers.

Full stream ahead;

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