Veronica Maggio is doing the business with her comeback album on both ends of Scandinavia – with Sweden’s lead single ‘Sergels Torg’, and Denmark’s lead single ‘Dallas’.

Now though, a couple of producers that we love have each turned out a sublime remix for either of the two.

Denmark’s Wagner (not that one…or that one) has taken on ‘Dallas’. His mix of the track has turned it into a fast paced disco SLASH house number. A big bundle of energy that’s a world away from the (still very good, mind) original. It’s always a treat when songs like ‘Dallas’ get big pop remixes made for them, because if you think about – indie songs of its ilk don’t normally get a whiff of a remix, bless them. Something about them being too far up themselves, probably. But as Wagner demonstrates here, it’s a hugely welcome new facet to the song to appreciate.

Meanwhile in Sweden, our much scribed about Orion has lent a hand to ‘Sergels Torg’. His is a more downtempo electro remix – because as we all know by now, that’s his thing. You can’t mistake his mixology. As a result, it’s a more melancholic mix than what Wagner’s done to ‘Dallas’. Whereas that one was dolled up to the nines for a trip to the disco, this one’s staying in on a Saturday night and guzzling a bottle of red on the couch.

Veronica’s new album ‘Handen I Fickan Fast Jag Bryr Mig’ is out now in Sweden. But if you live outside of Sweden you can get it on CD from our store.

‘Dallas’ (Wagner Mix)

‘Segels Torg’ (Orion Mix)


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