Daniela (for it is she) has returned with a new single. And it’s with the same guy with whom she had previously released THE best single of her career, ‘Bacia Me’. The chap is Victor Ark, and the new single is called ‘Right Here’.

Bizarrely, the vocal doesn’t actually sound a lot like Daniela. So much so that we had to ask her manager if it really was her. Twice. But it is her. It’s Daniela finding and showcasing a new facet to her dancepop vox.

‘Right Here’ is continental dancepop. The sort of thing you could well imagine hearing on holiday a lot this summer if you venture anywhere around the Mediterranean. That’s largely because this Victor Ark fellow is Spanish, to Daniela’s Swedish. It’s Balearic flavoured frivolity, and it inevitably all goes off on one. So if you do venture anywhere near the Mediterranean this year, and you do end up hearing it while out on your jollies, well you’re in for a treat.

‘Right Here’ is out ‘Right Now’ and has been released outside Sweden (and indeed, Spain) too. Listen;


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