What’s this? The brand-new single from Swedish artist Alvaro Estrella, the music video for which was released today. Our favourite thing to sing happily about – ‘Weekend Lover’.
What’s it like? A laidback pop tune that takes its influences from both r&b and electronica, and even offers up a slight retro sheen over the whole thing. We found lots to enjoy after hitting play, and it’s one we know we’re gonna be coming back to a lot over these next few months.
Written by? Alvaro himself, along with Amanuel Dermont, Christos Gontevas and Curtis Richardson.
More from Alvaro Estrella? Last year’s ‘Taking You Home‘ was a tune and a half. And if you slept on it, that link is your chance to repent.

You can find ‘Weekend Lover’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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