Haven’t we all seen the video by now? The old one, yes. but today, Benjamin Ingrosso releases a brand new music video for ‘Dance You Off’.
What was wrong with the old one? Nothing – this is a just a new, swishy-er, fancier one. More befitting of the international ambitions of a Eurovision runner-up.
Wait, didn’t the song finished 7th? IT WAS RUNNER-UP IN THE JURY VOTE, OK?!
More from Benjamin? Well there’s literally more from ‘Dance You Off’ – last week he released an extended version of the song which you can check out right here.
Nice – we like more ‘Dance You Off’. Then you might well love this excellent new remix of the song. After the stellar job they did with remixing Benjamin’s ‘Do You Think About Me’, we’re delighted that Team Benjamin invited Swedish duo Galavant back to do it with his latest one. And as with its predecessor, for their ‘Dance You Off’ mix, the boys turn the track into a chilled dance tune with an airy production and an added layer of super-cool. You can check out the remix right here.

You can find ‘Dance You Off’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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