What’s this? Following on from his stint at Eurovision in May, Benjamin Ingrosso is back with a brand new single. ‘I Wouldn’t Know’, released at the end of last month. And today, he went and released the music video for it. Watch below.
What does Benjamin say? “It’s about the frustration you can feel when you look up to someone, and love someone but you don’t get anything back. About being hurt over and over again but you still can’t let that person go.”
What does Scandipop say? It’s a million miles away from d-d-dance you off – sounding more like a cross between his two summer singles of last year, ‘Do You Think About Me’ and ‘One More Time’. This guy knows how to produce a sun-soaked pop song. ‘I Wouldn’t Know’ is gonna see us through to the colder months. At least.
Written by? Benjamin himself, along with OMEGA and Jake Torrey.
More from Benjamin? There’s an album! Coming along at some point during those aforementioned colder months. Until then though, here’s a playlist of all of his singles so far.

You can find ‘I Wouldn’t Know’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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