Who? A brand-new producer and writer collective from Sweden. They’ve gotten together to make some big tunes for themselves, and they’re now out with the music video for an exceptionally large one. ‘Promises’.
What’s it like? A decadent disco track with a difference that’s practically dripping in divinity thanks to some of the harmonies on offer, the choral element that’s been placed into the mix, and the production twists and turns that we’ve faced with. Proper hook-it-to-our-veins stuff.
What do COY say? “This song is about love-bound promises that are easy to make but harder to keep. In a relationship people and feelings can change with time, and with this song we’ve tried to capture the moment when you realise that. It’s also a self reflection of repeating the same mistakes again and again.”
Written by? Gustav Gällhagen, Louice Lindberg, Victoria Alkin and Samuél Frensborg Jammeh.
More from COY? ‘Promises’ is their second single. Check out their first, ‘Crying Over You‘.

You can find ‘Promises’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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