THIS song in an ACOUSTIC setting?! We know! But actually, it works really well. And considering we’ve contributed to quite a lot of the 4.5 million streams the song has had on Spotify since its Melodifestivalen debut, we’re quite welcoming to a new version of it.
As is she – considering she’s made a vid for it. Indeed. Today she released the video for the acoustic version of ‘Make Me (La La La)’.
What happens in it? Well it’s a tame affair, in which we get to see Dinah wander around and REALLY think about the lyrics. Quite a contrast to the video to the original.
More from Dinah? We’d LOVE some new music from her soon. But she’s (quite rightly) milking this JAM for all its worth. As well as the acoustic version, she’s also released a “pop version” – which you can listen to here.


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