What’s this? That’s a very good question! The most recent Dolly Style member change has certainly shaken things up a bit. They’ve stepped up their look, and they’ve stepped up their sound, too. On new single and video ‘Sayonara’.
What’s it like? Less like the Dolly Style of old, more like the Little Mix of now. Let’s call it Dolly Mixture? Either way, the girls are out with a song that stands up alongside their contemporaries, for the very first time in their long career. And those contemporaries should be shaking. It’s ‘See Ya, Bye’ to ‘Hello Hi’, ‘Habyebye’ to ‘Habibi’, and ‘Up Your Bum’ to ‘Cherry Gum’. This is the era of ‘Sayonara’. And we are loving it!
Written by? Palle Hammarlund and Emma Nors, plus Holly, Molly and Polly themselves – Caroline Aronsson, Vilma Davidsson and Linnéa Källström.
They’re writing their own songs now?! They are clearly no longer fucking around. We can’t wait to hear what comes next.

You can find ‘Sayonara’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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